Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) returning to some rivers of the Maritime provinces are captured and counted at monitoring facilities. Salmon are captured using various methods. Counts of salmon at barrier fences, counting fences, fishways and at dams usually represent the total run size of fish at that point in the river. Counts at trapnets in estuaries represent partial counts to the river.

Cumulative counts of Atlantic salmon at specific dates, compared with counts in previous years, provide an inseason index of the abundance to date and anticipated abundance for the year.

Counts of Atlantic salmon are presented for two size groups:
Salmon: fork length >= 63 cm
Grilse: fork length < 63 cm.

The locations of the counting facilities can be viewed on the map link. By going to the map, time series graphs of counts of salmon or grilse for a selected time period at each facility can be viewed.

A summary table of cumulative counts to date for all index rivers can be viewed by selecting salmon or grilse in each province. By selecting an individual site in the table, a graph of the time series of counts for that site can be viewed.