McIntosh Brook Fish Habitat Enhancement Program

Maliseet Nation Conservation Council (MNCC) in collaboration with the Fredericton Fish and Game Association has successfully completed the MacIntosh Brook Fish Enhancement Program in July, 2013.

MacIntosh Brook is a tributary to the Saint John River (SJR) at Kingsclear, New Brunswick and former salmon habitat. There were three manmade structures on the stream impeding upstream fish passage. It was estimated that more than  33000 m2 of good quality spawning and rearing habitat would be available for salmon if passage was provided at these three locations. During the current phase of the project, the old concrete dam at the mouth of the brook was dismantled which immediately provided access to 2500 m2 of stream habitat.

It is important to note that this watercourse is located downstream of all of the power dams on SJR, and therefore the smolts produced through this project will not be subjected to mortality from power turbines. It was encouraging to find 27 juvenile salmon and 3 brook trout during the fish rescue exercise performed as a part of the current project. It is an indication that cold water species are already using the brook in spite of the fish passage barrier at the mouth. MNCC is currently working with potential funding agencies and other groups to address other fish passage issues on the brook (perched culverts under the walking trail and route 102). MNCC thanks Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation and RTP Developments Ltd. for providing funds to conduct this project.

McIntosh Brook Fish Habitat Enhancement Program

McIntosh Brook

McIntosh Brook Phase II