Maliseet Nation Conservation Council

Formed in 2004, the MNCC is a non-profit corporation created to increase the involvement of Maliseet people in the decision making processes in our traditional territory – the Saint John River watershed and Bay of Fundy. The Board of Directors for MNCC is comprised of the six Maliseet Chiefs in New Brunswick governing a staff of six full-time employees.

The largest watershed in Atlantic Canada, the Saint John River watershed is a huge region comprising an area of 13.4 million acres extending from the St. Lawrence in Quebec to the Bay of Fundy – a total distance of 673 kilometers.

The Maliseet Nation Conservation Council represents the six Maliseet First Nations in New Brunswick: 


Our Mission

MNCC will promote and advance Wolastoqiyik co-management of the Saint John River (Wolastoq) watershed and ecosystem through conservation and stewardship, education and respecting our traditional knowledge and the work carried out by our ancestors.  We do this on behalf of our present and future generations. 


  • Species at Risk – Recovery Teams
  • Habitat Enhancement / Restoration
  • Experimental Eel Fishery Culvert Surveys
  • Regional First Nations Contaminants Program
  • Maliseet School Science Program


  • Wolastoq / Saint John River Watershed Management Planning Committee
  • Maliseet Traditional Knowledge (MTK) Studies
  • MTK Database / Repository
  • Aboriginal Fishery Strategy Working Group
  • Maliseet Research Review Board
  • Commercial Fishery Liaison Initiative