MNCC will promote and advance Wolastoqiyik co-management of the Saint John River (Wolastoq) watershed and ecosystem through conservation and stewardship, education and respecting our traditional knowledge and the work carried out by our ancestors. We do this on behalf of our present and future generations.

Wolastoq (Saint John River) Management Plan

The MNCC is leading an initiative to conduct a comprehensive management plan process for the Wolastoq (Saint John River – SJR) watershed. This process will be in several stages. In phase I we will be conducting a series of public meetings...


Macintosh Brook Fish Habitat Enhancement Program

Maliseet Nation Conservation Council (MNCC) in collaboration with the Fredericton Fish and Game Association has successfully completed the MacIntosh Brook Fish Enhancement Program in July, 2013. MacIntosh Brook is a tributary...



Maliseet Nation Conservation Council (MNCC) is conducting a climate change vulnerability assessment on the Wolustoq Watershed within three Maliseet Communities. The project will address flooding, extreme weather events, and heating/cooling trends and their impact on culturally sensitive areas.  This will aid Maliseet communities in determining our vulnerability and further develop our awareness of climate change in the Wolostoq watershed.

Traditional Knowledge Program

The traditional knowledge process of MNCC dates back to 2010. MNCC has been in the process of gathering, processing and preserving the traditional knowledge of Maliseet elders and knowledge holders about wildlife Species at Risk (SAR) that have direct...


Environmental Contaminantsin Traditional Aboriginal Food

Maliseet Nation Conservation Council (MNCC) has been testing aboriginal food for contaminants since 2010. This program was supported by the Regional First Nations Environmental Contaminants Program (RFNECP) of Health Canada...



Schools Science Presentations

MNCC has conducted summer science camps for Maliseet youths to educate them about the environment, biology and ecology of the wildlife species that are of traditional significance to Maliseet First Nations. 


Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy (AFS) Programs

Highlights of MNCC’s contributions to the Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy (AFS) programs of member communities. MNCC has been working with the AFS program of St. Mary’s First Nation (SMFN) since 2008. We designed and executed...