Wolastoq, the Maliseet people call it: beautiful river. For as long as stories tell, the St. John—a maze of blind bays, tributaries, lakes, and marshlands—has been the lifeblood of New Brunswick. The towns that grew along its banks structured their lives around its flows: its freezes and thaws, its log drives and floods, and the run of Atlantic salmon coursing from the Bay of Fundy upriver to spawn. Today, in a changing world, we must act to ensure that these resources remain healthy and secure. As part of WWF’s Living Rivers Initiative, we are working to help the St. Johns’ communities establish that vision and bring it to life.


 WWF is bringing its convening ability and scientific focus to help chart a sustainable path for the St. John. Our intent is to help demonstrate a future where it is possible to meet the water needs of both people and nature, not just here, but in watersheds across the country.