Traditional Knowledge Program

The traditional knowledge process of MNCC dates back to 2010. MNCC has been in the process of gathering, processing and preserving the traditional knowledge of Maliseet elders and knowledge holders about wildlife Species at Risk (SAR) that have direct relevance to the culture and practices of Maliseet First Nation (MFN) since 2010.

These studies were conducted with the financial assistance from Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk (AFSAR) and the wildlife species studied include Atlantic salmon, American eel, Butter nuts, Furbish’s Lousewort, rainbow smelt, shortnose sturgeon, striped bass and yellow lampmussel. A reasonable amount of traditional knowledge of Maliseet elders/knowledge holders that are necessary to strengthen the current knowledge about above wildlife SAR was gathered during the studies conducted by MNCC. In 2013, MNCC has conducted a training workshop in Fredericton to train youth from MFN communities as interviewers for collection of traditional knowledge from our elders/knowledge holders in ethically and culturally appropriate manner.

As one component of the ATK project conducted in 2013, 2 guidebooks were formulated to provide guidance to gather traditional knowledge about Atlantic salmon and striped bass. A permanent database was also created to house ATK gathered from our elders/knowledge holders. All materials related to traditional knowledge studies (hard copies and electronic files of data, voice files, pictures, maps, study reports etc.) completed are currently stored in the ATK Data Repository at MNCC.

Two GIS maps have been formulated in 2014, to present traditional knowledge of Maliseet elders/knowledge holders about the biology and ecology of American eel and Atlantic salmon. MNCC will evaluate efficacy of different data collection methods to gather traditional knowledge in 2014 – 15. GIS maps will also be formulated (2015) to present traditional knowledge about the biology and ecology of striped bass and short-nose sturgeon.

Traditional Knowledge Study (2013 – 14)

Traditional Knowledge Training Workshop (Presentation)

Atlantic salmon Interview Guide Book

Traditional Knowledge Study 2012

Traditional Knowledge Study 2011